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I occasionally write a dog-related article and submit it to the big article directories not only to help promote this web site but also to (hopefully) give readers interesting and useful information about dog health and dog flatulence in particular.

The article below is concerend with the use of vitamin supplements as a dietary aid for your dog whihc as well as aiding his general health may also help to prevent flatulence in your dog.

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Dog Flatulence. How Vitamin Supplements May Help Prevent It.

One of the big signs of a healthy, happy dog is a dog with good digestion. And one of the by products to a dog able to digest his food well is that he won’t be as prone to an outbreak of embarrassing dog flatulence.

Your dog’s diet and the quality of food you feed him will naturally have a direct bearing on his digestion powers and general health as well as having a bearing on how prone he is to flatulence. In general terms the better quality of food you feed your best buddy the less frequent the flatulence attacks.

A good quality diet alone might not be enough to help your pooch to prevent the odd gassy episode. Vitamin supplements and mineral supplements used in addition to a good diet can help in a big way not only with the general health and well being of your pet but also as a prevention against dog flatulence.  

Keep the vitamin and mineral supplements in proportion and balance. Do a little research or have a word with your vet to obtain professional advice on what vitamins and minerals would be best for your dog.

For example thiamine and pyridoxine can help the dog’s nervous system. Vitamin A deficiency can contribute to skin lesions whereas a lack of vitamin D in the dog’s diet can result in bone weakness.
These problems are many a time encountered by the dog owners. Among these, vitamin A toxicities may occur if you feed them in excessive amounts, like vitamin D. Hence, give emphasis on this while you are using these vitamins in the dogs. Cod liver oil from selected fishes has more vitamin A in them and are universally good feed for dogs.  

The age of your dog will have a direct bearing on what to fed him. A puppy needs a much different diet to an older more mature animal for example.

Take these factors in to account to prepare and feed your dog food which is right for him, of a good quality feed including the proper vitamins and supplements fed to him at the right time in the right amounts.

Such steps will benefit your dog by aiding his powers of digestion and general health. This in turn may help to cut down on or prevent flatulence in your dog if he is prone to the odd bout of wind.
Dog Flatulence Dog Gas Problem Canine Flatulence Dog Farting