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The Raw Dog Food Diet.

A quality diet can be a big help in reducing dog flatulence. However as all dog owners are all too aware, the “best” dog foods are not cheap and the cost can add up significantly. But what if there was a natural alternative to that expensive stuff. Here’s some “food” for thought and a free download for you. Please read on.........

Thinking of the best food to feed your dog? Then raw dog food may just be your best choice for your lovely pet. A raw dog food diet, commonly referred to as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food/Bones) contains all uncooked ingredients that are derived from meat or plant matter such as vegetables and fruits. Common ingredients in this type of food include raw meat in form of chicken, beef, rabbit, fish, pork, mutton as well as animal organs like liver and kidneys. 

It is a highly recommended diet by dog-food professionals and veterinarians despite being criticized by some groups. It is advised that it is not suitable for a dog with a low immunity unless a high level of hygiene is maintained.

This type of diet can be either home-made or bought commercially for convenience. This is possible with the emergence of companies that now manufacture raw dog-foods with raw ingredients.

Raw plants suitable for this kind of diet for your dog include shredded vegetables containing high starch content. The best such vegetables are carrots, broccoli, peas, spinach and pepper. In addition to raw meat and vegetables, raw eggs, shredded cheeses, yogurt and cottage cheese are normally included in a raw dog food diet.

Advantages of feeding dogs on a raw food diets include shinier coats, healthier skin, better digestion, improved disposition, increased levels of energy, cleaner gums and teeth as well as fresher breath. Pet owners may also want to feed their dogs on raw food as it is the one they are naturally best suited to feed on. They are canines whose natural food should be raw meat.

Another advantage of raw diet is that since the food is uncooked, it contains all the nutrients that cooked foods lose. It is thus healthier for your dog. It is good to note that most of the dog foods available I the market today contain grain products. These are carbohydrates yet dogs require more proteins that are found in meat. Raw food thus offers your dog the nutrients it needs most and in their natural form.

It is also advantageous that meat being the main component of raw food, it is easily available and cheap. From your local butcher, there is no hassle purchasing meat and raw bones for your dog. In fact by just watching it eat the meat and run around with the bones, it is convincing enough that you are feeding it on what it loves most. Do not be any doubt about this since you dog is a canine like those in the wild and if it is healthy, raw food will do it no harm.

Disadvantages of this type of diet are yet to be scientifically determined. However, they may include health threat due to bacteria in the food, possibility of choking, breaking teeth or internal injury while feeding on whole bones. An unbalanced diet may also damage the dog's health if fed on it for a long time. It is recommended that any diet should not span more than ten days without a change.

Dog Flatulence Dog Gas Problem Canine Flatulence Dog Farting