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Dog Flatulence - does your dog "fart" and would you like to help him or her reduce that flatulence problem?

You love your dog - who doesn't. But if you dog does have a spot of flatulence you'll know it can be embarrasing as well as rather smelly! Read on for information and tips that can help to reduce your dog's flatulence. 

What follows is general (but detailed) information on dog flatulence. See also additional information by using the links to other pages on this site from the navigation bar to the left.

All dogs can have a touch of excessive wind from time to time. Just like us humans do. And when a dog has wind, he gets rid of it in the same way us humans do. Yes – dogs get flatulence and (in the politest possible way) blow it out their ass or fart to relive themselves of it. Again – just like us humans do.

When your beloved dog does suffer from a touch of flatulence you’ll be sure to know about it not only by the sound of that “fart” but also by the unmistakable aroma. Oh boy, it stinks! While you may be able to handle that while out for a walk with your pooch or by a quick blast of air freshener at home, your dog’s flatulence can be a touch embarrassing if it happens when you’re with friends, in the car and similar. Even if it’s not embarrassing or your comfortable with it, your dog may not be.

There are things you can do to ease your dog’s flatulence and make your prized pet healthier and happier. What follows is general help and advice relating to dog flatulence for informational purposes. If and you are in any doubt about your dog’s health then please consider consulting your vet. 

Causes of dog flatulence

Flatulence is basically the accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract. The breakdown of bacteria during normal digestion when can cause this naturally. Any dog can suffer from it do differing degrees – some may get excessive flatulence. If your dog’s flatulence does become prolonged or excessive, consult your vet.

Some common causes of dog flatulence are food or diet related. For example:

  • Swallowing air through “wolfing” down food. Eating too fast in other words.
  • Feeding your pooch food which will, in all likelihood, cause wind problems just like they might you. What happens if you eat too many sprouts, beans etc. Oh yeah, well feed them to your dog and he may well end up just as you would.
  • A poor quality diet – cheap dog food, scraps, leftovers etc

How can you combat dog flatulence

There’s more than one way to skin a cat – I mean there’s more than one way to help your dog out if he has a bit of a wind problem.

Give him the best quality dog food you can. Perhaps a recognised, named brand rather than the “generic.” Same goes for kibble – only the best. Your dog will feel the better for it.

Think about it for a moment – if you eat a nice steak and a few trimmings, don’t you feel better than if you’d stopped at the services on the motorway somewhere. Translate the same to feeding your dog. Give him the best dog food you can. Do your research and buy the type of food recommended for the particular breed and age of dog you own.

Don’t give him food you know has a reasonable chance of triggering a “wind problem.” We all know what that means.....!

Some dogs (my old greyhound used to love this one - that's her at the top of the page) enjoy a spoonful of natural yoghurt as a little treat after their dinner. This can aid digestion and reduce the risk of flatulence.

It's important to ensure that your dog has been checked for fleas and ticks, a dog with fleas and ticks will have a nervous disposition which can contribute to flatulence -Frontline for Dogs is a good product to use for getting rid of fleas and ticks.

If you dog does “wolf” his food he’ll be swallowing air as well as his dinner. Get ready for a gas outbreak! Try feeding him on a “little and often” basis – the same amount of food as he’d normally have in a day but spread it out a bit. Instead of feeding your dog 1 or 2 portions of food per day, divide the daily ration into smaller portions and feed the dog more frequently.

Cut out or drastically reduce those little treats and leftovers from your dinner. If he gets bloated, you know what’ll happen……..! Sure – it’s hard to resist throwing him an extra piece of doggie chocolate or sneak him a bit of meat from your plate when he comes begging, but resist if you can. Your boy (or girl) will have less chance of a “wind episode.”

Walkies! It’s your dog’s favourite word. Man, how he knows what it means. Take your dog for regular exercise. He needs it anyway and it’ll help to keep his “insides” healthy as well thus aid digestion in general and reduce flatulence. And while you’re out on your walk, there’s a better chance that any gas build up will find a way out “naturally” and it’ll be gone before you get home.

You’ll never completely cut out flatulence on your dog. Well, do you think you’ll never get the odd bit of excess wind – of course you will. And it’s the same for your dog. That said, what you’ve read here should help to reduce your dog’s flatulence and those “nasty smells.” Plus your doggie might just feel all the better for it.

In closing – at all times have the best interests of your dog at heart. Consult a vet immediately if you have cause to think your dog is unwell, suffering and requires professional attention.

Dog Flatulence Dog Gas Problem Canine Flatulence Dog Farting